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Sri Kalahasthishvara




Bharthruhari Neethi Sathakam

A Satakam (centum) refers to a book of one hundred poems. A popular example is in Sanskrit is Subhashita Trisati – 3 sets of centum, composed by Bhartruhari

In Telugu literature, Satakam is one of those genres that is explicitly meant for the understanding of common man – called Praja Sahityam

In Telugu, the first complete book in this genre is supposed to be “Vrushadhipa Satakam” by Paalkuriki Somanna. Then comes “Sumati Satakam” by Baddena, which still continues to be popular with children and educators. Sumati Satakam also comes under the sub-genre of “Neeti bodhalu”. Into the same sub genre also comes the Satakam – “Vyaja Ninda” by Kasula Purushottam Kavi

Satakas are various types (one mentioned above – philosophical) – devotional, philosophical and sometimes romantic.

Satakas do not abide by too many rules of prosody like the other literary works. They follow the simple rule of meter. It gives freedom to the poet in expressing various aspects of his opinions, instead of binding him to one subject. Some Satakas like Vemana Satakam were a direct comment on the social structure at that time, which are applicable even today.

Some satakas – especially the devotional Satakas are very sophisticated in language and imagery, reflecting the general trend of literature in those days. E.g.: Kalahasteeswara Satakam

In 20th century, many eminent writers have composed Satakas in non classical formats, like Karunasri, Narla Venkateswara Rao and also Srisri. . But the popular satakas remain to be the ones composed in classical styles

Today this genre of literature seems to be dying a slow death, with more of the Telugu speaking areas getting urbanized. This is a small attempt by Samputi team to preserve this beautiful genre.