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The Muhurtham is also referred as Lagnam.The eminent Panchang Scholars advise Muhurtham for desired action/ occasion with reference to name/star(Nakshatram) etc. Some of the eminent Muhurthams of the current year are given in chronological order of Date, Time, Thidhi, Nakshatram (Star),Muhurtham/ Lagna etc.

We invite you to avail this service for advice of right Muhurtham by our veteran scholar Brahmashri Kappaganthu Subbaraya Somayaji by furnishing your particulars. This service can be availed free currently.

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Brahmashri Kappaganthu subbaraya somayaji resides in Vijayawada. His panchangam is based on Surya Siddhanta, one of the earliest siddhanta in archeo-astronomy, since 1992. He is renowned in the five arts of Dharma Shastra, Vaastu, Jyotisha, Panchanga and Purana. He compiled texts on these aspects and was awarded Jyotisha Vishaarada by K.P, Madras, Vaastu Bandhu by Raghavendra Publishers and Purana Bhargava by Nellore Brahmin Association.

He has been volunteering Jyotisha related updates in Samputi. He provides answers to the dharmic questions asked by our readers, for Samputi fortnightly magazine. Now he does Muhurtams for readers who request them.


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