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The period and life of Poet Bhartruhari cannot be pinned to a certain date as he never mentioned about himself in any of his works. But due to the quotes from other poets and historians, it is popularly believed that he is the brother of King Vikramaditya. This was year 56 BC. It is known that King Vikramaditya has 4 wives, one from each Varna and to them was born – varuchi, Vikramaarka, Bhatti and Bhartruhari in order.

Subhashita Trisati was written in Sanskrit by Bhartruhari. This is 3 centum compilations. Each centum has a concept and hence can be divided into – Neeti Satakam (Moral values), Vairagya Satakam (Renunciation or philosophical) and Srungaara Satakam (About Love)

In Neeti Satakam, the poet speaks about the 3 types of people – The virtuous, the good and the lowly wicked ones. Also the poet speaks about how fate and destiny are the prime components of decision in a person’s life.

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Vemana Kumari Sumati Bhaskara Kumara Narayana Sri Kalahasthishvara Dasarathi Krishna
Narasimha Bharthruhari Neethi Sathakam