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There is no trick to change a vain man. No amount of effort is useful. He has to realize it by himse

Bharthruhari Neethi Sathakam Satakam

shakyo vaarayutham jalena huthabhukchathrena sooryaathapo |
naagondhro nishithaagku shena dhandena gaurgardhabhah ||
vyaadhirbheshajasaggrapaimshcha vividhairmasthra prayogairvisham |
sarvasyaushadhamasthi shaasthra vihitham moorkhasya naasthyaushadham ||

water will control fire, an umbrella provides shade from hot sun, a raging elepnat can be controlled with a spear, domestic animals like ox and donkey can be controlled with a stick. There are mecines to cure one of illness. There are mantras as remedy for snakes’ bite. But there is no means to cure a vain man of his vanity.

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Vemana Kumari Sumati Bhaskara Kumara Narayana Sri Kalahasthishvara Dasarathi Krishna
Narasimha Bharthruhari Neethi Sathakam